tisdag, april 11, 2006

The muslem mob

Once again we have witness the Arab mob in full action. It is difficult not to admire the journalistic work in the free world who let 100 000 demonstrators represent a religious community of more than one billion people. And it is difficult not to admire how they let the violent fraction of this fraction represent all demonstrators.

It is said that this intimidation is organized by Moslem fundamentalist who want to limit the freedom of our press. The Moslems tries to control us, like the Jews controls Washington and Wall Street.

The first step is to stop us from publishing pictures of Muhammad with or without a bomb in his turban. Next they will probably stop us from publishing some fun satire over the Holocaust. After that it won’t take long before Germany, Great Brittan and France make it illegal to lie about the Holocaust. And then our freedom of speech would not be worth much.

The Moslem should adapt to our values and way of life. If they don’t like anybody to publish picture of Mohammed they should copyright protect him. No paper would publish picture of Mike Mouse without permission. No commercial paper mess with intellectual property right. In Le Monde (12/02) you can read about Romain Gary’s first and unpublished novel, Vin des morts. But you can’t read what the story of the novel is. That information is private property.

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