lördag, oktober 15, 2011

Agent 007 eller mr Bean?

Är den senaste iranska terrorskandalen ihopkokad av Washington? Det tycks i alla fall den pensionerade amerikanska officeraren Anthony_Shaffer mena. Inte ens FOX news verkar ta anklagelserna mot Iran på allvar.

Garry Sicks analys:

"Iran has never conducted — or apparently even attempted — an assassination or a bombing inside the US. And it is difficult to believe that they would rely on a non-Islamic criminal gang to carry out this most sensitive of all possible missions. In this instance, they allegedly relied on at least one amateur and a Mexican criminal drug gang that is known to be riddled with both Mexican and US intelligence agents.

Whatever else may be Iran’s failings, they are not noted for utter disregard of the most basic intelligence tradecraft, e.g. discussing an ultra-covert operation on an open international line between Iran and the US. Yet that is what happened here.

Perhaps this operation is just as it appears. But at a minimum both the public and the Congress should demand more detailed evidence before taking any rash or irreversible action.

If Iran is really as stupid and as incompetent as this case implies, then perhaps they are their own worst enemy and not the clever and determined adversary that they are made out to be."

Ur nyhetsflödet: Reuters “If they’re looking for 007, they got Mr. Bean.” Analysis: Iran case a sign of drugs agency's new role.

IPS journalisten Gareth Porter:
FBI Account of ‘Terror Plot’ Suggests Sting Operation

Av döma av den sparsamma rapporteringen av den påstådda terrorplanen i svenska medier så har även svenska medier svårt att ta anklagelserna på allvar. Inte minst från ledarsidorna har tystnaden varit öronbedövande.

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